Bahia Grass Delivered & Installed

Bahia Grass Delivered & Installed



32812, 32806, 32809, 32803

Bahia grass is resistant to drought, diseases and insect attacks. Bahia grass will survive in conditions that most other turf grasses can not. Bahia grass requires some maintenance to look good in residential and commercial applications. The grass tends to thin out over time and has a low resistance to many weed controls. Bahia grass has a vigorous growing habit a can need mowed frequently.

Bahia grass has a blue green color. Bahia grass has a soft feel with a blade width of 5mm to 7mm. Bahia grass has a very good fall color retention and spring green up rating. baihia grass can grow in sand, sandy, loam, clay and muck with no problems. Bahia grass demonstrates excellent wear and injury recovery. Bahia grass also has an excellent resistance to wear and injury recovery.

Overall Bahia grass is commonly used on residential lawns and commercial areas. FDOT also uses Bahia grass along highway and roadway applications. Bahia grass is not a good solution for sloped areas or to control washouts. Bahia grass will flourish on flat dry infertile soils better then most turf grasses.

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