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Let's take the stress out of Christmas...

Tired of paying too much for a Christmas Tree? A Stand? Poinsettias? Firewood?  Dread the thought of driving all over town to purchase these essential items? And then there’s the sticker shock of how much you spent. Let's get back to the true meaning of Christmas and have some money left over for gifts under that beautiful tree.

Harris Landscaping Services is making Christmas a lot easier this year! We created an online store for a few Christmas essentials. Our full-bodied Christmas trees  are freshly cut and delivered from the farm to our lot.  Place your order online and head on over to pick out your Fraser Fir up to 8 feet as well as the other items you may need.

As you know, at $40 a tree, it doesn't take long for us to sell out every year. So don't you order today!