Firewood (20) Stick Bundle

Firewood (20) Stick Bundle


Orlando may get lots of sunshine, but it’s still nice to get the fireplace going to hear the cozy crackling and to warm up your home with. To get a fire started, you need firewood. However, you may wonder where you can get firewood locally, especially if you’ve never purchased it before.  At Harris Landscaping Services, We have all the firewood you need.


After completing your order online, you will be sent via email a confirmation of your purchase.  Please present confirmation upon arrival and choose the firewood of your choice.  All sales are final. We have only a limited number of trees, so to avoid disappointment be sure to put your order in as soon as possible.


 If unforeseen circumstances arise and we run out of stock prior to you picking up your firewood, we will gladly provide you with a full refund. 

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